Concepts: Social networking Strategies for integrated Facebook and Twitter into your web presence
27 February 2010

Concepts: Social networking Strategies for integrated Facebook and Twitter into your web presence

Generate traffic, connect to social networking channels, move to Web 3.0 with some simple updates to your web presence

SmartAirMedia recently integrated Facebook and Twitter into one of our flagship sites designed by SmartAirMedia. The site is called Club XGen Click here to view the site. This article shares some ideas about what we did to integrate the content and how it was done.

The site broadcasts video and radio to the smartphones, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberries, cellphones, laptops, and desktops. Our objective was to allow people to do three things.

  1. Connect on Social Networking channels to stay in touch, share ideas, and follow the site.
  2. Allow one click sharing of content on Social networking channels.
  3. Automatically Tweet and share new content as it is added to the site.

One Click Sharing

On strategic pages of Club XGen we added Social Networking links so visitors can connect the content to their Social Networking and Social Bookmarking channels instantly. The screen shot below shows an example. This is powerful because it promotes the content and also plugs the content into the social networking space based on what they like and feel is relevant to them. This has a few benefits: a great social networking user experience for the content, viral promotion of the content, moved the site to Web 3.0.

Social Bookmarking One Click

Clicking on one of these small buttons allows quick sharing across social networking channels. See an example of the Facebook screen that appears once the Facebook button is clicked on. Instantly the social networking link can be posted to the users Facebook Wall.

Social Bookmarking One Click- Facebook

New Content Additions are Auto-Tweeted

Twitter is a great way to announce the latest content on your website. Whenever a new video or radio show is posted on Club XGen, code on the server automatically posts a Tweet to Club XGen's Twitter Channel. Click here for Twitter Channel for Club XGen.

We built the functionality so that it's low impact for us. The Tweets are automatically generated from the server and posted to Twitter using the public Twitter API. This is a huge time saver for us and gives users the most relevant content at their fingertips through the power of Twitter.

Social Bookmarking One Click- Auto Tweets


With these two really simple and powerful additions to your web presence you can quickly and easily integrate your web presence into the social networking space and reduce the impact to your time by managing it virally and automatically. Combine this with Facebook and Twitter posts that your content management team create, you become relevant and active in the social networking space.