08 December 2009

Strategy- 9 Reasons Mobile Media is Important to Your Business

This article is intended to inspire you and your business to embark upon the exciting process of mobile enabling your web presence.

This article is intended to inspire you and your business to embark upon the exciting process of mobile enabling your web presence. I offer 9 solid reasons why mobile media is important to your business your success.

Reason 1: Your Customers are Moving to Smartphone's

If you take time to stop and look around yourself on the streets, in cafes, in bars, in restaurants, or in shopping malls-- people are actively using their smartphones. The classic tell tail sign of a Smartphone user is someone sitting or standing staring at their hand with an intense look on their face. I call this the "Smartphone Pause". This alone should alert you to the reality that your customers are on their Smartphones.

There is a slow and steady shift away from the desktop to the laptop. The next stage is from the laptop to the tablet, smartphone, and netbook. It is mostly because electronics is shrinking and become increasingly more portable. We are in the age of portability, extremely fast wireless Internet connections, and small devices. This is a winning formula for data-to-go.

The most basic truth in marketing is to go where you customers are. Make sure your customers can find you where they do their daily activities. One of the main new venues for reaching your customers are mobile devices. If you omit a mobile strategy from your arsenal of marketing tools, your business will miss a very valuable way of reaching your customers.

Reason 2: Stay Current and Be Ready for Change

The Internet is undergoing a rapid evolution from desktop and laptop computing to a pure mobile media delivery model. These changes in technology take preparation and time to implement. For example, if you have an existing website you will need to reorganize and scale your content for delivery on mobile devices. A mobile site requires smaller pages, less content, more focused content, and more video and audio which does not require tedious and eye-straining screen reading.

Preparing for these changes takes time and resources. If your business stays current, you can invest this energy over a longer period of time and can test the results as you go. For example, you could launch a small mobile website for your products and services. You can promote this new mobile website and begin to drive traffic to the site. The next step would be to track the user activity on the mobile site and solicit feedback from your customers. This will help you gain valuable insights that will help you expand your mobile offering over time. You risk a lot less upfront by taking this approach. You also stay ahead of the competition from a perception and implementation perspective. It is better to have information, and a small mobile presence, than to have no mobile Internet presence. Start slowly and build your marketing over time to create a cutting-edge image.

Reason 3: Your Business Image Depends on Mobile Media

Mobile media is the next wave of Internet content. Your business success will depend on being accessible on mobile devices. Rather than being a follower, taking a wait-and-see approach, you have the opportunity to create a progressive and forward image for your customers. Even if you offer a small mobile webiste, you will be appreciated by your customers who are traveling, and only have smartphone in their pocket to access your content.

Move to mobile delivery of you content to create a perception that your company is on the edge of change and is ready for any new innovations that are on the horizon.

Take the leap and begin creating a progressive image of your business today. Mobile media is a fantastic, low cost, high impact way of raising your profile and image to customers today.

Reason 4: Increase the Reach of Your Content

There are a smaller number of mobile websites than traditional websites. This reality gives you greater visibility once a user is on a mobile device. Many Internet designers will argue that your site can be viewed on a smartphone as it is today, however, the user experience will be terrible. The amount of scrolling and panning will annoy even the most patient mobile site visitors. Some smartphone users will just give up and only surf mobile-enabled websites.

If your site is smartphone friendly you will score points with your customers immediately. Because there are fewer mobile sites at this time, you will stand out in a smaller pool of potential websites to visit on a smartphone. This will raise your profile, especially if you are indexed as a mobile website by Google or Bing.

You will be available on more devices in more places with a mobile-accessible website. If you do the mathematics it is easy to see you will have a broader reach.

Reason 5: Reach Traveling People Anywhere

Business travelers, tourists, and people on the street are by default mobile. The only way to reach these traveling people is a mobile presence. If traveling people know that your content is formatted and presented specifically for a mobile device, they will visit the content while they travel. Promoting your mobile website to highly mobile business travelers will give you access to a segment of the market that spend money and have the disposable income to pay for higher-end services and products.

Travel destinations, convention centres, tourist destinations, and city service sites are all moving to mobile delivery because they realize that reaching their customers requires mobile media content. These three segments are the first to adopt mobile media voraciously. The reason is, it is working for them and they are reaching the customers they need to reach to be successful.

Reason 6: Radically Improve your Customer Service Experience

Offering a great customer service experience is no longer just about in-person contact or telephone assistance, it is also about mobile access to customer service resources. The standard website is a workhorse of customer service activities; offering downloadable manuals, live chat, FAQs, and email support.

The advantage of a mobile media platform is that when people are on their smartphone they are expecting interaction. It is a phone with entertainment and data services in one integrated package. The audience on mobile media are primed and ready to interact. Mobile communications websites therefore offers a fantastic customer service advantage because you are likely to generate interaction easily. Devloping mobile media interactive chat, interactive video content, and applications that quickly solve problems while a person is mobile, are going to win your business huge customer service kudos.

Reason 7: Reach a Younger Audience

The 15 to 30 year-old audience are completely mobile. Text messaging was the starting point, then mobile instant messaging, now Twitter, and mobile blogging is at the bleeding edge. The younger audience is a demographic that many businesses want to target. If you do, then you absolutely have to offer mobile media options to your customers.

Some of the innovative ideas companies have implemented for this target market are SMS games, smartphone games, video on demand, Scanman content (barcodes you can scan to pull up web content without typing URLs), and mobile device coupons.

Reason 8: Access New Marketing and Promotion Opportunities

Mobile media is an emerging media format that offers innovative promotional opportunities for your business. I mention some of the options at your disposal above. Put your thinking cap on and start to develop your own totally new mobile media promotional opportunity. It is an exciting opportunity to make an impact because it has not necessarily been done before. Emerging media formats offer a unique opportunity to do something new and different and get noticed by a large audience.

Reason 9: Mobile Blogging Lets You Blog Anywhere and at Any Time

If you have a blog you can now update your blog from a smartphone wherever you are. I have even written complete blog entries while in transit or sitting on a bus traveling. This is a huge time saver for timely blogging sites. If you want to keep your blog fresh and dynamic, having a mobile blogging strategy is a great way to achieve this goal.

In future articles I will show you how you can use Wordpress to blog on the road on your smartphone. There are numerous plugin options for Wordpress to display your blog on mobile devices as well as post and administer content on a smartphone.

Think of this as Twitter on steroids.