Strategy: Five Pillars of Effective and Successful Mobile Media
03 March 2010

Strategy: Five Pillars of Effective and Successful Mobile Media

Five important considerations and guiding principles to ensure your mobile presence is effective and successful

Five important considerations and guiding principles to ensure your mobile presence is effective and successful.

Strategic Pillar #1: Entertainment, Education, & Community

Leverage the engaging capabilities of Google, YouTube, Internet Video, and Facebook by integrating them within your mobile solutions. The most popular web destinations are now built around community which means repeat traffic and a loyal fan-base.

Facebook, Google, Google Video, and YouTube are the most important Channels for promoting your web presence that exist today. If your Internet strategy does not interface with all of these sites you are missing opportunities for free advertising and audience development.

Strategic Pillar #2: Access Anywhere on Any Device

The Internet is rapidly going mobile and you need to keep pace to maintain your audience. Build 'smart-content' that effortlessly adapts to mobile devices. Maintain one set of code for centralized editing. Video, audio, graphics, photography, and web design all automatically reformat depending on the device connecting to your solutions. Rather than maintaining mobile sites and non-mobile sites, create sites that adapt to the device and offer the same functionality no matter what device is connecting.

Adaptive mobile content, empowers your audience to access your content anywhere. The problem with most web content is that it is practically impossible to view it effectively on a mobile device. As mobile browsing increases, you can potentially lose more and more of your audience. Build dynamically formatted content that can be efficiently viewed by devices connecting via slow 1X, fast EDGE, faster 3G, or even faster Wi-Fi.

Be seen anywhere, with optimized content delivery to mobile devices. Mobile optimized content delivery means sustained and engaged traffic that will stay on your website, even when the traffic is mobile.

Strategic Pillar #3: Automatic Content Reformatting for All Devices- Publish Once Deploy Many Ways

Deliver multiple digital media formats using the same central set of web-based code. This approach is smart, economical, easy to manage, and fast to deploy. Build’s once and reformats the content dynamically depending on the type of device that connect to your content. This makes it simple and efficient to add new content and change or add to the digital experience at any time.

Automatically convert video, images, Flash, and other digital media to allow the broadest reach across a wide range of device types. Engaging digital media sustains ongoing visits and ensures people stay on your Internet destination for an extended period of time.

Use device detection code that deliver the highest quality digital media possible based on the connection speed, device, and device settings. I suggest the following formats:

  • Mobile Smartphone (iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry)
  • Internet Web Browser (Linux, Mac, Windows etc.)
  • Digital Displays / Kiosks (in hotels and tourist information locations)
  • Cellphones with web browsers

Strategic Pillar #4: Sales Opportunities Aligned with All Content

Design every page and every element with sales opportunities as the outcome. Many Internet solutions have pages that are nice to have but offer no eventual sales opportunity. Design your solutions from the ground up with sales opportunities and the final outcome of every element of your solutions.

Strategic Pillar #5: Automate all Repetitive Tasks

Build server solutions for automating as many of the optimization process as is humanly possible. Automation includes elements such as:

  • Search engine data feeds to index your site effectively for the search engines (XML Feeds)
  • MRSS and media XML data feeds for all video, audio, and digital media content to submit to search engines
  • RSS Feeds for podcasting and RSS broadcasting
  • Automated site search indexing to allow your audience to easily find content
  • Tweeting that is automated to inform users of updated and new content
  • One-click Facebook and My Space publishing for links and related content