Organization's are Making Innovation Everyone’s Job but Who Does the Training?
12 September 2016

Organization's are Making Innovation Everyone’s Job but Who Does the Training?

The organization’s innovation champions and evangelists are becoming innovation educators and trainers.

There is a growing realization that organizations have to get the people who actually do the work to innovate. The innovation agenda is now as much about human capital investment as delivering new products and services. Now that innovation is everyone’s job, who owns job training?

Innovation champions and evangelists in organizations are becoming innovation educators and trainers. Innovators are now hiring, onboarding, and creating dashboards. This is becoming the new innovation funnel.

New innovation functions rely less and less on big, bold, and expensive initiatives. The new approach is for innovators to consistently influence how their organization values and evaluates innovative behaviour.

Organizations now want potential hires and promotion candidates to demonstrate they’re ready, willing, and able to collaboratively create new value and new business models. Both innovation attitudes and aptitudes are important because innovation is as much about culture as competence.

Smart organizations that innovate consistently engage their employees to participate and roll out out new products and services faster and more easily.

Employees whose workflows touch customers are being asked and told to propose innovations that measurably enhance the user experience. They’re being trained to not only suggest improvements, but also create use cases and digital prototypes with colleagues that scale to real-world test and learns.

Innovation is about continually and pervasively creating new external value.

In the end, innovation change agents educate and transform through example.