What you're likely to hate about Apple Watch
23 April 2015

What you're likely to hate about Apple Watch

Apple Watch will definitely fix the glitches, quirks, annoyances, and limitations of ‘Verison 1.0’ of the Apple Watch. Learn about these limitations and design flaws.

Apple is still basically asking consumers to give up the convenience of carrying a powerful communication device that tells the time in favor of carrying two powerful communications devices that tell the time, one of which doesn't work without the other and won't last through the night.

iPhone All Over Again

The original iPhone was not very good at making phone calls. The iPhone 4 had issues with connectivity. For a long time, iMessage was unreliable for sending texts to non-Apple users. The company acknowledged after an extended period of silence that there was a fault with the video cards in some MacBooks. And the batteries in early iPods weren't up to scratch.

iPhone Evolution


A basic attribute of any watch is that it allows you to see the time all the time. Checking the time on a typical analogue watch is easy, you glance down to know what time it is. This is not the case with an Apple Watch.

To save battery life, Apple Watch goes dark when it thinks you’re not using it. To turn it back on, you have to shake the device with enough momentum to, in Apple’s words, “Activate on Wrist Raise.”

if telling the time on your Apple Watch requires contortions and strange movements, you’ll hate telling the time all day.

Early Apple Watch reviewer John Gruber wrote about his experience wearing the device during the end of a meeting with a friend. “It got to 3:00 or so, and I started glancing at my watch every few minutes. But it was always off … the only way I could check the time was to artificially flick my wrist or to use my right hand to tap the screen — in either case, a far heavier gesture than the mere glance I’d have needed with my regular watch.”

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You Will Always Need your iPhone Nearby or be on Power-Draining Wi-Fi Connection

Apple Watch watch works only if you're carrying an iPhone at the same time. It isn't an independent device. It needs to be tethered to a nearby iPhone via Bluetooth or be on a Wi-Fi connection if you want it to do all the things Apple Watch can do.

Apple Watch Only Works with an iPhone 5 or Later

You need to buy an iPhone 5 or later to make Apple Watch work. Apple is still basically asking consumers to give up the convenience of carrying a powerful communication device that tells the time in favor of carrying two powerful communications devices that tell the time, one of which doesn't work without the other and won't last through the night.

Battery Life and Display

When the iPhone launched there were many product issues such as battery life, screen size, limited OS features. Over time the iPhone evolved to have better battery life, different larger screens, higher resolution retina displays.

The lit display on an Apple Watch is a real battery drainer, especially because you will be checking that display throughout the day. Future Apple Watch screens will keep future versions lit throughout the day.

Apple Watch apps are designed to be used for about 10 seconds at a time. Those trying to use a bunch of apps for longer could see the battery life plummet. And if the battery on your Apple Watch runs out, the device will not be able to tell the time, leaving it as just a brick of metal wrapped around your wrist.

Analysts are critiquing the APple Watch over the relatively short battery life of the watch, according to the Wall Street Journal. Apple claims the device will last 18 hours on a full charge, but Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey believes the battery life will be more like 10 to 12 hours with heavy use.

“Every time someone takes off a smartwatch, you’re potentially losing that user,” Canalys analyst Daniel Matte told the Journal.

The 18-hour stated battery life is less than any other available today. The Android Wear LG G Watch, which Ars Technica pegged at around 23 hours, and the Pebble smartwatch, which is supposed to last for five to seven days.

To address battery life issues, the Apple Watch will come with a deparate work around called  “Power Reserve” mode that will limit the device’s functionality in the name of preserving power.

Apple will fix battery issues. History shows that Apple have an ability to improve battery life over time. If Samsung can do it, Apple will eventually catch up. So the battery challenges will probably be solved in the version 2 or 3.

Will the Screen Scratch

The glass front of the Apple Watch is made with sapphire crystal Sapphire is a tough material — but it will not resist every scratch and dent. 

Apple Watch Won’t Fit Under Your Shirt Sleeve

Apple Watch does not easy to fit under the cuff of a shirt. It's a thick device, and you can't simply slip it under your sleeve.

A major annoying design flaw of Apple Watch is the shirt sleeve debacle. I’ve used other thick smartwatches and the thinner the watch, the easier it felt to wear all day. It really does matter.

Apple missed something when it ignored the thickness issue and didn’t work on alternative thinner design ideas.

Apple Watch Can't Directly Connect to the Internet Using Wi-Fi

The Android Wear watches now support Wi-Fi which helps the watch to make searches, give notifications and make calls when the Bluetooth of the phone is not in range.

The Android phone and the Android Wear watch will still stay connected even if the Wi-Fi network is different because the connection would be through Google Cloud Services. The Wi-Fi connections would be established automatically by Google.

Apple Watch cannot directly connect to Wi-Fi or act as a Internet Wi-Fi device to directly connect to the Internet. Android Wear will be able to do this giving it a distinct advantage.

It Isn’t Waterproof

You will not be able to jump in the pool with your Apple Watch. And if it gets wet, it will become a vert expensive brick, fast.

The Apple Watch can ensure sweating and hand washing but not suitable for water immersion.

People may absentmindedly take their watches on and off. Sometimes they forget all about them and leave them at the coffee shop, on a table in a restaurant. A cheap watch won’t be a major problem, but leaving an Apple Watch in public will be an expensive mistake.


The real joy of using the Apple Watch will be the apps, just like you love your iPhone apps. Tim Cook recently sent an email to Apple employees announcing that more than 1,000 apps have already been submitted, more are being submitted every day.


Apple Watch 1.0 has no camera, however one of the future features that is highly likely is a camera on the watch itself. A forward-facing Apple Watch camera will make taking pictures even easier and faster than using your iPhone.