Innovation Management Planning- 10 Steps to Success

  • 21 August 2016
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  • Author: Kevin Grant
Innovation Management Planning- 10 Steps to Success

Continuous Innovation in Action- 10 Steps to Success

  1. Embrace the future, welcome disruption, and think like FinTech
  2. Request Senior Leadership support and secure protected innovation funding
  3. Embrace the future with Continuous Incremental Innovation
  4. Apply a Customer-Centric thinking pattern to everything you do
  5. Create a Customer-Centric User Experience Vision
  6. Create an integrate Customer-Centric Innovation Roadmap
  7. Align your Continuous Innovation and Rapid Delivery processes
  8. Execute your Continuous Innovation Roadmap
  9. Prioritize Continuous Innovation across the organization in a consistent way
  10. Fail Fast. Fail Often, Fail Cheaply in a Lab