Transformation of the Digital Contact Centre Innovation Roadmap

  • 17 January 2017
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  • Version: 1.0
  • Author: Kevin Grant
Transformation of the Digital Contact Centre Innovation Roadmap

Digital Contact Centre Innovation Roadmap Themes

Seamless Connected Customer Journey

  • Deliver an effortless customer experience
  • Efficient and seamless authentication user experiences

Secured Authenticated Communication

  • Secure digital modes of communication— driven by transparent and low friction authentication

Smart Efficiency

  • Deflect lower value transaction inquiries while delivering an exceptional customer experience
  • Advanced workforce management and smart task assignment— optimizing priorities and efficiency

Agent Experience, Smart Sales and Advice Tools

  • Increasing high-value sales and advice conversations
  • Collaboration anywhere and at any time

Artificial Intelligence, Context, and Predictive Analytics

  • Adapt to the increase volume digital brings—  because of increased customer engagement
  • Personalized and proactive customer experience through context and predictive analytics
  • The right advice at the right time— delivered with efficiency and the best customer experience