Wearable Quick Trade Concept

  • 21 August 2016
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  • Version: 1.0
  • Author: Kevin Grant
Wearable Quick Trade Concept


  • Over 40% of boomers want to check the markets with a wearable
  • 40% of boomers with at least $10,000 in an online brokerage account would want to check the markets on a wearable device (3% ahead of millennial digital investors)
  • Over 30% of boomers would use a wearable to check their portfolio
  • 12% of boomers would check their Watchlist on a wearable
  • In every category, boomers were about as likely to be interested in managing funds on wearable devices as Millennials

High Net Worth Customer Opportunity

  • Affluent people are twice as likely to own and use a smartwatch
  • More men own wearables, which matches DI demographics
  • Smartwatches offer opportunities to reach high net worth customers